brand-crslDeliberate development of your brand results in a brand that is more valuable to your customer base. That additional value allows you to charge more while growing a larger and more loyal following or increase market share without cutting prices to do so.

To build your brand, follow this four step process which can be incorporated into your current marketing activities.

  1.  Develop the category in which you, and only you are the best. You’ll be surprised to find that the category already exists. You just haven’t claimed your position atop it.
  2.  Sell the category, not your product. Convince your audience of the fact that they can benefit by finding a solution to the category at which you are best. Yes, the dreaded create a problem you can solve.
  3.  Introduce yourself as the solution to that category.
  4.  Provide news about the category, excitement at introducing a solution, and directions on solving it with every audience contact to make yourself, and their path to happiness clear.

Do this with every audience contact and make their path to happiness clear. Even if the audience doesn’t respond to any single offer, they will begin to associate your brand with the solution to that problem. When they eventually decide to act on a need, your brand will already have a prominent place in their minds as a solution.

So, am I giving away my secret here? Heck yes, I am. I am happy to share this plan, because it takes a true marketer to properly implement it, to fight for it over time, and to measure every contact against this plan. Try it yourself and you will find that after a short time, your every day pressures will cause you to drift away from it and the brand will begin to dissolve.

After all, a pro golfer can tell you how to hit a golf ball too, but you are better off having him do if you want the best results.