shoutThe difference between sales and marketing is profound, but so frequently ignored. So why do I constantly see business card titles and want ads with a position called Sales/Marketing? You wouldn’t see someone with the title of Human Resources/Research & Development. The two don’t have anything to do with each other any more than marketing and sales do.

In general, marketing includes the activities that bring the audience closer to a brand. Its approach comes from the audience, not the company… NEVER the company. Marketing appeals only to what the audience wants. It doesn’t care what the selling company desires.

On the other hand, sales pushes the company’s output out the door and into the hands of the audience. it is built on sales quotas and a process that aggressively converts a company’s output to dollars. Sales is a group internal to the company. Its perspective comes from the company, and the company’s attitude that what it has produced is worthy of your dollars.

The goal of each is really the same, both positions are legitimate, and the two are at their best when working in concert. However, the mindset of each is in start contrast with the other. If your company has separate marketing and sales departments, just watch their interaction and you will see how fundamentally in conflict they tend to be.

Sales is the necessary, hands-on finish to the sales cycle. Marketing is the support function that allows the sales effort to prioritize and concentrate on prospects that have the greatest potential.

They are different. Don’t ignore either.