peyton_manning_gatoradeThis is an old marketing gimmick, but I like it as a football fan and a marketer.

First, the best thing Payton Mannning does while not on the field is to act like Payton Manning, even more than being Payton Manning. He enjoys acting more than any athlete I can remember. OK, maybe Ditka likes being Ditka more but for different reasons.

But the marketer in me loves how these spots help differentiate Gatorade from the Monster and Red Bulls of the world. Those energy drinks are heavy on the caffeine. That is where their energy comes from. They are right for dealing with  pulling long nights, and handling managing daily drudgery.

Gatorade is specifically formulated to replenish your body after physical strain. Kind of a minor and boring distinction, but an important one for the brand. And this campaign solves it gloriously.

View the videos on Adfreak. They play several of them there, and Adfreak deserves the credit.

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