This Honda ad promotes the fact that their mini-van has a vacuum cleaner. I will admit that my immediate reaction when I first saw it was “who would want to make a big deal out of a vacuum cleaner in a car? Of all the meaningful differentiating features an automobile can have, why would they feature this silly little convenience? Because they have put themselves in a position where they can.

The Honda brand is strong. It is a reliable, practical automobile, perfect for families. This new feature is consistent with that fact. It helps support that claim and it separates Hondas from Toyota, Chevy, and other similarly practical brands in doing so.

But it only works because that overall Honda brand is so strong. This add contributes, only in a small way to the overall brand. But the important thing is that it contributes at all. The audience already knows about the Honda reliability. To repeat how reliable it is wouldn’t hurt, but it wouldn’t move things forward either. It would solidify its position by reminding the audience of its family value. There is nothing wrong with doing that. But the previous ads that did solidify its reliable reputation and allow this ad to push in a different, but not counter, direction.