Differentiation Isn’t Enough


For decades, marketing has been thought of in just one way. Establish your Unique Selling Proposition, then tell the audience why that makes you different.

Our technique works in the opposite direction. We speak to your passion, then explain why that passion drove you to your USP. Let us show you how that makes you credible on truly a different level.

You MAY BE Marketing Backward

If you can’t figure out why no one notices your company’s efforts, then you are marketing backwards. Look at your company from their perspective, not yours.

You Are SURELY Marketing Backward

If you do have a marketing system complete with a Unique Selling Proposition to see things from the audience’s point of view, but it still isn’t working. You are putting what you do ahead of why you do it.

Find the Right Target

Most advertising messages compete for the neocortex. It is the newer, larger and more sophisticated part of the brain where language rules, and the complexities of pricing, equipment lists and operating procedures are managed.

The appeal should be to the limbic brain. The smaller, more primitive area where loyalty and trust exist, and the complex doesn’t matter. It finds the meaning that the facts tend to disguise. Reach your audience there, and they will follow you anywhere.

Now Reverse the Selling Process

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