Be Different: You Already Are

No company is just one of the competitors in a field. We know how hard you work to be the best. Sometimes it can feel like all you’ve achieved is to be undifferentiated among others. We don’t think you should have to feel that way because it is not true. You’d be out of business by now if it were. Together we can fix what is holding you back.

Reversing the Marketing Formula

Here is the standard marketing formula:¬†You create a universe of potential users of what you sell. Then you carve out a niche from that group, based on your business’ differentiation and become the number one supplier of that product to that niche.

It is good enough in most cases, but the more competitive your industry, the less it works. But, that is where traditional marketing stops. You carve out your niche by being very specific in defining your audience.

Backward marketing is exactly opposite of that. Begin not with what you do, but what you believe in…why you exist. What you do, your unique selling proposition is a result of that belief. It brings your audience even closer to you because it gives them reason to trust your motivation. They arrived hoping to like you. Now you give them a reason to do so.

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Cliff Zugay


The best among us are the most passionate among us. That is true of athletes, clergy, acting professionals, you name it. The same is true of companies.

The problem is most companies don’t use their passion as part of their marketing. That’s where Cliff’s Edge comes in. We’ll show you a new perspective of yourself. One that customers will flock to.

Lets talk about what drives your company to be in business, what that passion has led you to do differently and who out there will follow what you believe.