You are marketing backward.

Put it in Reverse.

Traditional Technique

  1. Introduce what you do. Your basic line of business
  2. Explain that how you do it, your unique selling proposition, is different from competitors, and better for the prospect.
  3. Close the sale. Want to buy some?

Reversed Marketing

  1. Explain what you believe in. The general desire that drives your company.
  2. Announce why that has motivated you to do it differently (Your USP).
  3. Introduce what you do as the natural result of what you believe.


This is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) method that carves you a niche.

Starting with your beliefs connects you to the limbic brain where trust resides and decisions are made.

Sell it using:


Build a case for the category you lead, or the passion behind your brand. You have identified an audience that should share the concern for what is behind what you do.


Once on board with the news, introduce only now, your brand as the solution to the category of your USP. If using your passion as the news, reveal that passion here.


Don’t take this step for granted. Let the audience know exactly what steps they should take, and what they should expect to share in terms of time and information to solve the problem stated with the news.