million-1in100_1024x1024Most direct mail programs are considered successful with a response rate around 2%

99% of those seeing your display ads in newspapers, out of home ads on billboards or bus stations, and 99.9% of your e-mail list don’t respond to your ad.

Add in the ignored impressions on your PPC and other SEO efforts. An overwhelming majority of your audience doesn’t respond to the ads you work so hard to make convincing. What of those people? You simply can’t ignore the fact that they have seen, and chosen not to take advantage of your offer.

That group gives you a huge opportunity to move your brand forward. They are valuable in the future. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success with that 99%.

Before you approve any ad, make sure it conveys your brand. Read it from the point of view of the 99% that are not going to take advantage of it. Let them know why you are best for them. By reinforcing your brand, you remind them of who you are and why they should choose you. If not today, someday.

That way, when your audience does not buy the deck furniture you try to sell them (perhaps they are satisfied with what they own, or don’t have a deck, or just can’t afford the luxury right now), at least let them know why your deck furniture is the best furniture for them. That way, when their condition changes, they will already have a preference for your brand instilled in their minds.

Going in, you know that 99% won’t buy. You can’t change that, Just don’t ignore them.