I always get a kick out of the concept that good marketing marries the right and left sides of the brain. Because just doing that is easy. The hard part, but more effective is in marrying the outside and inside of the brain.

The comparison between the creative right side and analytic left is really quite minor. Both are part of the neocortex, the new, fluffy part of the brain.

The neocortex overall, understands language, math, and those characteristics that modern man holds over competitors.

But the Limbic brain holds memories, trust, and is used to make all decisions. When you feel something in your heart, or in your gut, you mean the primitive Limbic brain. It counts on your history.

When primitive people came upon a fruit orchard, they satisfied their hunger then went on. If they came upon another area with many of the same fruit sources, they expected similar results. They couldn’t start looking after they were hungry, instead, signals were produced that sent them to copy the success of the last place into this new, similar area. They learned based on their own success and an ability to trust that success.

The same continues. When you list your equipment, and talk about the sizes of product, or number of colors, our neocortex understands it, but it doesn’t make buying decisions. You succeed with clients when that client trusts you. Look to build that trust. Your equipment list doesn’t matter.